Zero Trackers Found

Steve at Haply
01.18.2021 04:16 PM Comment(s)

Protecting Client Data

Have you ever been annoyed because you clicked on an ad or searched for an item one time and for the next 3 months that product and ads for it show up everywhere? 

Haply is pleased to announce that we have zero third-party trackers on our site. We believe that your information is not for us to share so you can can browse our site confident that your information is safe. Many other companies use Google, Facebook and other tools that track your browsing as well as gather the information to then sell or "remarket" you information for additional advertising.

The only trackers and cookies on the Haply website are for our use only. We use tools from Zoho (including Pagesense, SalesIQ and Sites) to ensure that your data is held for Haply only. You can read more about Zoho's privacy.

Check out the results from Privacy Badger- only the 3 internal trackers and DuckDuck Go with Zero third-party trackers.