• IPI Consulting

    Integrated Performance Improvement is a consulting model developed by Haply. This cross discipline approach improves adoption and effectiveness of programs.

Integrated Performance Improvement

Haply's Integrated Performance Improvement model recognizes that improvement does not occur as an isolated event or unconnected to your other initiatives, systems, and personnel. Lasting performance improvement occurs only when there is systemic alignment among organizational development, employee development, systems and processes. This holistic approach guides our consultations, services and products. 

Every organization is unique and I will partner with you to address your specific goals. Haply will consult on specific aspects of your current program or develop a new Integrated Performance Management program. .

Integrated Performance Improvement Model

Organizational Development

Organizations grow, change and develop over time. Focus on guiding the changes, addressing conflicts and moving the organization in the direction you desire. Understand structural impacts from internal and external sources.

Employee Development

Employees want to grow, be challenged and meet the needs of the organization. Training isn't enough. Development is an on-going process of enhancing employees abilities to address their unique on-the-job challenges and preparation in the future.


Human and technological systems are vital components to an organization's success in the modern age. Integration between the system types contributes to innovation, effectiveness and a drive for high performance.


Formal and informal processes are the way OD, ED and SYS are tied together. Clear processes that can quickly be adjusted, improved and communicated align your organization in the drive to meeting organizational goals.