Haply - my passion project

My name is Steve Grote. In 2007, I was working as a Leadership Development Specialist and was doing quite a bit of management coaching for new managers, senior leaders and directors. I enjoyed my work immensely and realized one of my favorite aspects of my work was helping leaders understand the need for breadth and depth in their knowledge and abilities. This realization started my personal drive to encourage leaders to look at larger systemic practices in how they address their organizations, teams and even themselves. I then formed Radiant Leadership, a business to focus on coaching and developing leaders. Over the years, I have grown in my understanding of complex systems and behaviors that drive performance improvement through the human capital in an organization. 

In 2015, I re-branded my company to Haply to better communicate that the scope of my services has expanded beyond leadership coaching. Recently, I have introduced the Integrated Performance Improvement Model. While simple in its design, the model encourages a systemic integration across human capital programs. These integrations have complexity in their affect on each other and overall performance outcomes.

Working with Haply

Every organization is unique. I work with you to find the right solutions that help you reach your goals.  There is no one size fits and I know that sometimes our solutions may not be the best for your situation. To give you the best experience, I have tried to prevent some of the annoyances that I have had when working with consulting companies. My commitment to you includes:
  • Listening to your request before providing recommendations. Being clear on the positives and challenges with each recommendation.
  • Provide clear pricing upfront - I will never make you go through a sales pitch if you are trying to get pricing information on products or services. I will clarify your request and give you the most accurate quote possible. During a project, you will be informed of pricing and costs throughout.
  • Never signing you up for a mailing list unless you request it. Just because you visit my store doesn't mean you want to hear from me every day.
  • Do the best to adjust to your changing needs. If at any time you are are not satisfy with my services you aren't locked into long-term contracts. 

I look forward to talking with you about how we can help you achieve your success.

Haply - defined in Merriam-Webster dictionary as: by chance, luck, or accident

Our Commitment


Your situation is unique to your organization. Haply will listen and ensure we are addressing your unique request.


We hope we are a great match for the services you are looking for, but we recognize we may not be. Haply will always be clear about what we can and cannot accomplish.


You are part of the design process. Haply will work with you to ensure we are designing programs and solutions that address your needs.


Haply is with you till the end. Implementation and integration into your current work flow is vital to project success.